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AR# 4601

Concept2XIL v4.0; VAN, SIR2EDF 9504 - "*E,3120: SIR file is wrong version or machine type: sch_lib.sch:hdl."


Keywords: Concept2xil, SIR, SIR2edf, machine, version, Concept

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
While running version 4.0 of the CONCEPT2XIL program, the
following error is seen when running the SIR2EDF subprogram:

Running sir2edf version 97C-3.6 10/27/97 14:35 (stcm1sj).
< NETCAP version 4.0 >.
Copyright (c) 1992-1997 Cadence Design Systems. All Rights Reserved.

Run time options used:
-lib sch_lib -instlib xce4000ex_syn -cdslib /tmp/cds.lib.23344 -nc -edif200 -proff /usr/xilinx/cadence/data/xilinx.pff -map sch.map -pinlist sch.pinlist -out sch.edf sch

Initializing environment ...
Loading property format file ...
Loading design unit ...
*E,3120: SIR file is wrong version or machine type: sch_lib.sch:hdl.
Error! Can't read the specified file


In one case, the problem was found to be associated with
the fact that the 9504 version of VAN was incompatible with
the version of SIR2EDF in that release.

The fix is to replace the 9504 version of VAN with either
the 9604 or 97A revision of that program.

The ideal would be to update the entire suite of Cadence
software to the 97A version to avoid potential
incompatibilities with other Cadence tools.

AR# 4601
Date 02/11/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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