AR# 46013


13.4 CORE Generator - Generating netlist in EDK fails to delete ChipScope vdbl file


When I attempt to generate netlist for my design, the following error occurs in EDK:

"ERROR:EDK - chipscope_plbv46_iba_0 (chipscope_plbv46_iba) - error deleting "<Path the EDK project>/nt/run/implementation/chipscope_plbv46_iba_0_wrapper\tmp\_cg\chipscope_plbv46_iba_0_debug\_bbx\chipscope_plbv46_iba_0_chipscope_ila_v1_03_a_xst\chipscope_lib_v1_03_a\chipscope_lib_v1_03_a.vdbl": no such file or directory"


This error occurs when the path to the vdbl file is over 256 characters. If the path is shortened to less than 256 characters, the netlist generation completes successfully.

This issue is scheduled to be fixed in ISE Design Suite 14.1.

AR# 46013
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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