AR# 46023


13.x PlanAhead - I am unable to add System Generator project (SGP) files to my PlanAhead project


I have created a System Generator MDL and want to incorporate this design in my overall PlanAhead project.

In Project Navigator, I can add the System Generator project file (SGP) into my ISE project, but I cannot get the PlanAhead tool to recognize this file.

How do I add the System Generator project to my PlanAhead project?

Is System Generator project integration supported in the PlanAhead tool?


System Generator project integration is not supported in PlanAhead 13.4 and earlier tools.

Support for System Generator project file integration was added in the 14.1 PlanAhead tool.

In PlanAhead 13.4 and earlier tools, a user can effectively integrate the System Generator project by performing one of the following:

  • Generate the HDL Netlist from within the System Generator token, then add the necessary HDL files and NGC to the PlanAhead project.
  • Generate the NGC Netlist within the System Generator token, then add these files to your PlanAhead project.
AR# 46023
Date 12/14/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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