AR# 46064


ISE Simulator - "ERROR:Simulator:754 - Signal EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION received"


If I attempt to run a simulation in ISim, the following error occurs:

"Compiling module gtx5f_408568
Compiling module GTX_DUAL_FAST(2000,1000)
Compiling module TOP_TRX_MULTI_LINKS_TB
ERROR:Simulator:754 - Signal EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION received

Process "Simulate Behavioral Model" failed"


This error can be caused by the ALIAS declaration. An example of the VHDL ALIAS construct is shown below:

ALIAS data_bit : std_logic IS link_data(1)(7); -- request samples from slave

data_bit <= '0';

To work around this issue, comment out the alias declaration and assignment, and replace with a direct assignment as shown below:

-- data_bit <= '0';

AR# 46064
Date 01/30/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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