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AR# 46083

HSSIO - Is there a 64-bit version of the .dll file for the GTX IBIS-AMI models?


Is there a 64-bit version of the .dll file for the GTX IBIS-AMI models?


Signal integrity simulation vendors including Agilent, AnSys, Mentor, Cadence and SiSoft now provide simulation platforms that enable the mixed use of 32-bit and 64-bit IBIS-AMI models in a single simulation.

Xilinx IBIS-AMI models for UltraScale GTH and earlier are 32-bit models.

Our IBIS-AMI models for UltraScale GTY and beyond are 64-bit models.

The new mixing of model bit width capabilities offered by the simulation vendors enable any Xilinx IBIS-AMI model to be used in a simulation with any other Xilinx IBIS-AMI model, or a 3rd party IBIS-AMI model regardless of model bit width.

Consult your simulation vendor for the latest information on how to use mixed models in their environment.
AR# 46083
Date 03/05/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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