AR# 46122


13.4 and earlier : ChipScope IBERT : Kintex-7/Virtex-7 - COMMON blocks in wrong order in Analyzer GUI


This issue affects users meeting the following conditions:

  • Using ISE 13.4 or earlier software
  • Using the ChipScope IBERT core targeting Virtex-7 or Kintex-7 FPGA
  • Using more than one QUAD

If the above conditions are used, the user may find that the order of QUADs listed for the COMMON block in the Analyzer GUI are backwards.


For example:

An IBERT core is generated using QUADs 118 and 116. The Analyzer will list the COMMON block for QUAD 118 first before QUAD 116. This is counter-intuitive. This does not affect functionality of the ChipScope IBERT core. This will be fixed in ISE 14.1 software.
AR# 46122
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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