AR# 46140


13.4 EDK - "ERROR:Data2Mem:1 File 'system.bit' can not be found, or is busy."


If I run Data2Mem on a Microsoft Windows workstation, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:Data2Mem:1 File 'system.bit' can not be found, or is busy."
"ERROR:Data2Mem:1 File 'system.elf' can not be found, or is busy."


This error is due to Data2Mem not accepting any location that is on a network for Windows.The attachedZIP archive contains several utilities useful in working around this issue.

The included .BAT file can be used to copy and paste the console output showing the Data2Mem command to automatically create a download.bit.

The included test.cmd file is required for line 71 (change to an absolute location)of the .BAT file if the user wants to automatically download the resulting download.bit file into the default FPGA position in the JTAG chain.

If the user has a custom board or a different JTAG configuration (other than a single board with a single FPGA), or has unique cabling restrictions, they will either need to download manually using iMPACT, or edit the test.cmd.

If the command does not work, ensure that each line starts with a path (for instance,"Y:\").

See the included included README.pdf for further instructions.

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AR# 46140
Date 02/26/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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