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AR# 4615

M1.5 Floorplanner - N2F command line looks for wrong FNF file


Keywords: Floorplanner, DM, Set Floorplan Files, Custom, fnf

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Design Manager: When using the Set->Floorplan Files option in the DM, you have two options: 1. From a list, choose the ver->rev you want to use in the Floorplanner as well as the flow; 2. Choose "custom" to specify the .mfp and .fnf.

The problem occurs when Floorplanner ignores the specified .fnf file location and loads the .fnf file in the current directory. This results in the Floorplanner Window not displaying the previously floorplanned design.

This is only an issue if Floorplanner is called from the Design Manager, or if N2F is run with the -g option.


To resolve this, open the Floorplanner.
- Select File -> New.
- Select the appropriate .fnf, .ncd, and .ngd files.

This will allow Floorplanner to load the files correctly.

This has been fixed in M1_5i.
AR# 4615
Date 07/09/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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