AR# 46160


Install - Some FPGA parts are not seen in the part list when creating new project In Project Navigator


When creating a new project, some FPGA devices are not seen in the part list.

Is this due to the licenses I have?

Is this an install issue?


The available devices for a project are controlled by the install and not the license.
In ISE, if device parts are not found it is typically due to a different ISE edition currently installed on your machine.
If you have the ISE WebPACK edition, the WebPACK install is a device limited install.
In order to get a complete install with all devices, uninstall the current WebPACK installation and install the full Foundation ISE edition (ISE Design Suite: System edition) .

  1. Uninstall your current ISE WebPACK edition.
  2. Run the installation again, but at the stage where you need to select which edition you would like to install (see the screenshot below), select ISE Design Suite: System Edition (recommended).


After a successful full ISE install, you should then be able to see all of the devices available for you to select.

Note: With a Design edition or System edition install, you can see all of the devices.

However, if you are using a WebPACK license, you will not be able to implement a design for a device that is not supported by WebPACK.

AR# 46160
Date 01/14/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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