AR# 46170


14.1 PlanAhead - Linux Red Hat 4 support will be dropped due to JAVA upgrade.


PlanAhead 14.1 and later software will not support Linux Red Hat 4.

Why is this change being made? Will other Xilinx Software continue to run on RHEL 4?


The version of Java used in PlanAhead is going to be updated to 1.7 for the ISE 14.1 software release.

This new version addresses bugs in Java 1.6 and has performance improvements. However...


This version of Java is not compatible with RHEL 4.X and the PlanAhead GUI will not run on these hosts.


If you currently run on a RHEL 4.7 host, it is highly advised to move your VNC session(s) to a RHEL 5.X host.

You can check what version of Linux you are running by entering, "cat /etc/redhat-release"

If you see the following you need to move to a new host:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 4 (Nahant Update 7)

Other Xilinx software, such as Project Navigator, that is not JAVA based will continue to run on RHEL 4. However, RHEL 4 will not be an officially supported platform for any of the ISE Design Suite 14.1 tools.
AR# 46170
Date 05/16/2012
Status Archive
Type Design Advisory
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