AR# 4631


2.1i, V1.5, V1.4 COREGEN, FOUNDATION: How to invoke NET2SYM in command line mode


Keywords: net2sym, coregen, symbol, alr, foundation

Urgency: standard

General Description:
NET2SYM is a Foundation utility that is used by Coregen to generate
the files needed to integrate a Coregen module into a Foundation

This solution describes the syntax for running NET2SYM in
command line mode to generate a Foundation symbol for a
CORE Generator module.

You can also run NET2SYM in GUI mode by typing the fully qualified
path to NET2SYM.EXE in a DOS window. The usual location of
NET2SYM.EXE is c:\foundation\active\exe. (You may need to add
this location to your PATH environment variable).


The syntax for NET2SYM for a CORE Generator module is:

net2sym -m <modulelName>
-s <targetProjectPath>/<moduleName>.xsf
-e <targetProjectPath>/moduleName.edn
-p <targetProjectPath>.pdf
-c 'COREGen Module'

Running NET2SYM in GUI mode:

- Open up a DOS Shell
- Type "net2sym". The NET2SYM GUI appears.
- Enter the name of your module (moduleName) in the Symbol Name field
- Use the "Browse netlist" button to browse to your .EDN or .XSF netlist file
AR# 4631
Date 08/29/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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