AR# 464


XSIMMAKE 5.2: XSIMMAKE may run XBLOX on a design even after you remove all XBLOX logic


XSIMMAKE may run XBLOX on a design that once contained XBLOX symbols,
even if these symbols have been removed.


XSIMMAKE appears to be using an older version of a design, one that
used to contain xblox, instead of the most recent design file.

When XSIMMAKE runs on a design that contains XBLOX symbols, it creates
certain files that it otherwise would not create. Then, when the XBLOX
symbols are removed, these files are not deleted. The next time
XSIMMAKE is run, it erroneously reads these files and runs on the old
design files.

If you remove all XBLOX symbols, be sure to delete:

design.bxa (if it exists)
sdesign.vsm (Viewlogic only)
AR# 464
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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