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AR# 46522

13.4 PlanAhead - ERROR: [EDIF-105] Parse error on or above line 1


When opening / creating an EDIF source design or when I select UserConstraints -> Floorplan Area / I/O logic (PlanAhead) from Project Navigator, I get an error in PlanAhead toolindicating that the EDIF file was not written properly.

Parsing EDIF File [.\OFDX.edn]
ERROR: [EDIF-105] Parse error on or above line 1. EDIF file was not written properly by 'Xilinx ngc2edif'


There is a problem with the edif parser accepting capitalized keywords such as "EDIF". If you edit the first line of the .edn file and change "EDIF" to "edif", it will pass parsing without awarning or error.
AR# 46522
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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