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13.4 SDK – What is the step by step procedure for Remote Debugging?


I am interested in performing Remote Debugging using the SDK tool. 

Is there a step by step procedure for Remote Debugging?


SDK allows you to perform Remote Debugging. 

Use the following procedures:


PC with board connected:


  1. Source ISE Design suite.
  2. Download the bitstream using XPS, SDK or Impact.
  3. Go to the Xilinx Tools Launch XMD Console.
    Type the command
    connect mb mdm
    connect ppc hw
    This will give the TCP IP port number once the GDB server is started.
  4. Check the IP of the PC.
  5. Download the ELF using XMD or SDK.


PC without the board:


  1. Launch SDK with the same project.
  2. Go to Run Debug Configurations Device Initialization.
    Select "Do not download program to memory"
  3. Go to Remote Debug and Check the "Connect to gdbserver on a different machine" box.
    Set the IP address of the PC with the board along with the port number mentioned in step 3 above.
  4. Click Debug.

This will allow you to perform Remote Debugging using SDK.

AR# 46586
Date 04/08/2015
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