AR# 46666


13.4 EDK - "ERROR : Unable to establish socket connection to port 2350"


The following error occurs:

13:54:25 ERROR : Unable to establish socket connection to port 2350
13:54:25 ERROR : Unable to establish communication with XMD at port 2350

This happens when:

  • downloading to the FPGA (via Xilinx Tools -> Program FPGA)
  • configuring JTAG settings in SDK
  • attempting to open XMD from SDK

I am able to connect to XMD via command-line and iMPACT also works as expected.


The issue has been identified and is generally caused by one of the following scenarios:

  • You have a stale (running, but not used or properly terminated) XMD running. Check the Windows Task Manager and terminate any extra "xmd" processes that are running.
  • Some Logitech WebCams bind to port 2350 and 2357. Uninstall their applications if they exist
  • Some anti-virus tools block applications from binding to IPC (interprocess communication) ports. If possible, either disable the scanner, or allow an exception for xmd.exe.
  • The timeout period for SDK to make a connection was very small in ISE tool releases prior to14.1. A feature in the ISE 14.1 design tools increases the timeout in SDK.
AR# 46666
Date 11/13/2012
Status Active
Type Error Message
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