AR# 467


XEMAKE: Schematic design changes are ignored


XEMAKE 5.0 appears to ignore changes made to a schematic design.


XEMAKE does not always terminate upon receiving an error status from one of
its subprograms. For example, if SDT2XNF flags an error on the schematic,
XEMAKE will still attempt to run XNFMERGE and FITNET.

If older files from a previous run of XMAKE exist in the directory, XEMAKE
will process them as if they were from the current design iteration. It
will appear as if the design changes were ignored.

Deleting older XNF and XFF files from the directory before running XEMAKE
will force XEMAKE to stop if an error occurs. Examine any .LOG files present
to locate the source of the error.
AR# 467
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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