AR# 46733


14.1 - EDK - Known issues in relation to access sharing between Zynq PS and Microblaze


This AR will cover some restrictions when trying to perform access sharing between Zynq Processing System and MicroBlaze processor.


For use cases where the MicroBlaze processor is independent from the Zynq Processing System, there should be no issues.

However, for the use cases below, there are a few restrictions in the current builds:

Use Case 1 ? MicroBlaze processor accessing Zynq DDR:

Users will have to set the right addresses for the HP ports which are used to access the Processing System. The export2sdk tool will be modified in the subsequent release to have the DDR show up with this address in SDK. This is a bug which is pending. Other than that everything should just work out of the box.

Use Case 2? MicroBlaze processor accessing all Zynq peripherals:

This is possible; however, the export2sdk will ignore it and hence users cannot create an app in SDK, and LibGen will NOT pull in the drivers. This use case is being monitored to assess if it should be a requirement in future release.

Use Case 3 ? MicroBlaze processor accessing through ACP:

Same as Use Case 2. This is a rare use-case at this point.
AR# 46733
Date 05/08/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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