AR# 46737


13.4 EDK - ISE and XPS flows produce different results


I am onlyable to download the EDK design to my board using the XPS flow. If I attempt to instantiate an EDK project in theISE toolswith the same settings, it no longer works.


The solutions to this issue are listed below (from most common to least):

  • In the ISE tools, make sureto use "Export Hardware Design to SDK (With Bitstream)". If the software development is finished, make sure to add the ELF file to the project; Project -> Add Source.
  • If a pre-existing XPS project is integrated into the ISE tools, go into XPS and use "Clean all Generated Files"; Project -> Clean all Generated Files. This restores hierarchy problems as standalone XPS assumes the top-level while the ISE tools place the XPS project as a submodule.
  • If using a non-Xilinx board during Base System Builder in XPS, try copying the UCF from the edk_system/data folder into the ISE Project; Project -> Add Copy of Source. Clean all files in both XPS and ISE and rebuild from the ISE tools.
AR# 46737
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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