AR# 46848


CompXlib 13.4 - The CompXlib GUI crashes when invoked when Aldec Active-HDL is included in the PATH


On launching either the "compXlib" gui from the command line or by running the "Simulation Library Compilation Wizard", the GUI appears to crash with the following message:

Instruction in 0x7c80980f points to 0x34312e25. The command "written" cannot be executed in memory.
Click "OK" to exit the program.
Click "Exit" to debug the program

This does not always occur and  happens on certain Windows machines only.


This has been found to occur on machines where the environment contains "Aldec Active-HDL" in the PATH environment variable. 

To workaround the issue please remove "Aldec Active-HDL" from the PATH environment variable.

An alternative workaround is to run compXlib from the command line, as this is a GUI specific problem. 

For details on running compXlib from the command line, please refer to the Command Line User Guide on

AR# 46848
Date 08/14/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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