AR# 46884


MIG v3.61 DDR2 - GUI doesn't allow selecting 72 bit data while interfacing with PPC440


(UG086) (v3.6) September 21, 2010 DDR2 PPC440 supported features states that allowable data widths are 16, 32, 64 and 72.

The PPC440 option is enabled in the Memory selection page of the MIG GUI, and is selected as the memory type in the controller page components.

However the Data Width pull down does not show 72 bit as available.


When the PPC440 option in the MIG tool is selected it limits the supported memory interface data widths to 16, 32 64 bit, and 72-bit with ECC.

When PPC440 is selected, it limits RDIMMs only for 72-bit data widths and components, UDIMM and SODIMM can be used for the other non-ECC data widths. 

This is a limitation when selecting PPC440 rather than a limitation in the MIG GUI.

As a result, when you deselect PPC440 the 72 bit option becomes available.

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AR# 46884
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