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7 Series FPGAs Transceiver Wizard - User defined comma for SONET not allowed


The 7 series FPGAs Transceiver Wizard does not allow you to select "user defined" comma on the GUI.

How do I work around this, and what protocols are affected?


When a protocol like SONET OC48 or OC192 that has an option to specify "user-defined" comma is selected, the 7 series FPGA Transceiver Wizard v1.6 in ISE tools 13.4 does not allow users to input the "user-defined" comma alignment sequence, and the 'Plus Comma' and 'Minus Comma' fields are greyed out.

The inability to select the "user defined" comma in the Wizard is considered a GUI bug. This isfixed in the Wizard v2.1 in ISE 14.1 design tools version.

In the meantime, for protocols that require users to set their own comma,you canmanually set them on the generated wrappers until the Wizard is fixed.

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AR# 47054
Date 12/15/2012
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