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AutoESL 2011.x: ModelSim and/or SystemC license


When I try to do a VHDL or Verilog simulation in AutoESL, I receive an error message that I do not have a license to do SystemC simulation in ModelSim. 

I receive the following error:

# Model Technology ModelSim PE sccom 6.6d compiler 2010.11 Nov 2 2010
# ** Error: (sccom-95) Your installation directory does not contain the appropriate GNU C++ compiler. Download and install the tarball from the ftp site (
# ** Error: c:/mentor/modeltech_pe_6.6d/win32pe/sccom failed.
# Executing ONERROR command at macro ./autosim.modelsim.scr line 78
@E [SIM-1] *** AutoSim finished: FAIL ***

while executing:

"::AESL_AUTOSIM::auto_sim "$args" "


This occurs because the C testbench is transformed into a SystemC testbench which in turns needs to be compiled by ModelSim.

At this stage the g++ compiler is not found.

In order to do SystemC verification, ModelSim requires the installation of a separate GCC compiler package be installed as per the error message.

There are notes on how to do so in the ModelSim installation guides and there is also some information on the Mentor Graphic website and in the app notes about SystemC Verification. 


However a specific license is still required. 

Please contact Mentor to get a temporary license for SystemC support.


App notes are attached. 

These are all ModelSim setup issues and not specific to AutoESL in any way.



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AR# 47087
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