AR# 47224


Licensing - How to Save Output from License Manager to Spreadsheet


How do I save the output from the license manager to a spreadsheet? When I try to copy the table it only pastes one item.


There is no option in XLCM to export the content to a spreadsheet. However, the same license data is reported in the XINFO system report.

You can paste the data from an XInfo report.

1) Go to Start->All Programs->"Xilinx ISE Design Suite"->Accessories->XInfo System Checker
2) Open the .txt file that it outputs and go to the "License Information" section.
3) Copy the license information section and paste it into your spreadsheet.
4) Click on the paste icon (or go to the paste options) and use the "Text Import Wizard" and select "Fixed Width" to correctly get each value into a separate cell.

AR# 47224
Date 10/11/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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