AR# 47242


FIR Compiler 6.3 - Fails to generate and gives internal error with specific set of coefficients.


In Core Generator FIR v6.x, when I 

1) Input a coefficient vector with the highest magnitude coefficient being negative (for example : 0.0059,-0.0158,0.0265,-0.0269,0.0190,-0.0081,0.0017,-0.0001) 


2) Select Maximize_Dynamic_Range in the Quantization option, 

The GUI crashes with the below Errors in coregen and Sysgen respectively.

ISE/coregen Error:

ERROR:sim - An internal error has occurred. Closing FIR Compiler GUI.
ERROR:sim - Customizer could not get SIM parameters from IP model at exit

Sysgen Error:

The following error occurred with the Test1/FIR Compiler 6.3 block:

Error: Could not set parameter property on IP Model.


Why does this occur?


This occurs when the magnitude of the most negative coefficient is greater than the magnitude of the most positive coefficient.

Also with Maximize_Dynamic_Range the GUI plot will not update to display the gain added by maximization.


To work around this issue in coregen, remove the spaces in the coefficient vector and try to regenerate the core.


In Sysgen change the most -ve coefficient to positive (0.0269) or use the quantize only option for now.


This issue is fixed in ISE Design Suite 14.1, FIR Compiler 6.3.

AR# 47242
Date 01/05/2015
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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