AR# 4729


*Obselete* M1.5 Jtag Programmer: !Port Error message in win95 (during program option)


Keywords: win95, !Port, JTAG Programmer, svf, ! port

Urgency: HOT

General Description: When using M1.5 with older versions of
win95, in the JTAG Programmer you may get an error "!PORT"
when selecting the program option to program a device.


This problem exists only on win95 and the workaround is to
install Microsoft's internet explorer or to get the win95
update for win95 from Microsoft's ftp site below.

The reason this problem occurs is because some libraries are not updated. By installing Microsoft's internet explorer, the necessary libraries are updated for the JTAG Programmer to run successfully.
AR# 4729
Date 10/01/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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