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14.x Project Navigator - Known Issues for Project Navigator 14.x


This answer record lists the known issues for Project Navigator in the ISE Design Suite 14.x releases. Each known issue includes a link to another answer record that contains additional information on the issue.


Outstanding Known Issues in ISE Design Suite 14.7

(Xilinx Answer 24465) - Project Navigator does not display hierarchy correctly for large HDL files
(Xilinx Answer 30638) - Adding HDL source to project incorrectly marks process status as out-of-date
(Xilinx Answer 35503) - Creating a new project causes a Fatal Error when there is not enough space in destination directory
(Xilinx Answer 35632) - Asian characters incorrectly allowed when typing new source name
(Xilinx Answer 36427) - Project Navigator does not pick up UCF constraints for MIG IP core
(Xilinx Answer 38474) - Open Project can cause crash on Windows Vista 64-bit SP2
(Xilinx Answer 38477) - The design Summary pane will close if a project is re-opened without closing first
(Xilinx Answer 40573) - Archive Project does not include ELF file of XPS project outside the ISE project directory
(Xilinx Answer 41399) - Design Summary messages cannot be traversed using the Collate All option
(Xilinx Answer 44931) - Message Filter GUI display and usability issues
(Xilinx Answer 55406) - Project Navigator does not open if installed in a directory with unicode characters

Known issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 14.2

(Xilinx Answer 50109) - Not possible to run XST is a separate working directory

Known Issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 14.3

(Xilinx Answer 51318) - Only the "Balanced" design goal is available for Zynq devices in "Design Goals & Strategies"

Known issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 14.4

None listed

Known Issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 14.5

None listed

Known Issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 14.6

(Xilinx Answer 35496) - Changes to lower level schematics are not recognized
(Xilinx Answer 46562) - Simulation fails with EDK project outside Project Navigator project structure
(Xilinx Answer 55401) - Any Schematic DRC error results in and additional ProjectMgmt:387 - TOE Error

Known Issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 14.7

None listed

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