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14.1 PlanAhead - What are the obsoleted.tcl and deprecated.tcl files found in the PlanAhead/scripts directory?


Under the ISE_DS/planAhead/scripts directory, there is a file named obsoleted.tcl and another named deprecated.tcl. What do these files do?

Can I use the commands listed in the files?


When a Tcl command is deprecated in the PlanAhead tool, it is still internally supported for two releases before being completely removed from the system. During this "deprecated" time, the command is placed in the deprecated.Tcl file. When a user runs a command found in the deprecated.tcl script, there is a deprecation message issued and the command is converted into the correct command available in the current version of thePlanAhead tool. This allows existing scripts to continue to run successfully while giving users the information needed to upgrade the scripts.

In ISE Design Suite 14.1, all of the Tcl commands from the hdi namespace were removed from the deprecated.tcl file and placed in a new file calledobsoleted.tcl.

Commands in the obsoleted.tcl file are not sourced automatically in the PlanAhead tool.With this change, scripts still using these older hdi:: commands will stop working.However, if you still want to use these commands rather than change their older script (or use the obsoleted.tcl script to get the recommended syntax for new commands), you can source the obsoleted.tcl script in the Tcl console; see (Xilinx Answer 47475)for more information.

AR# 47302
Date 12/17/2014
Status Archive
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