AR# 47317


Zynq-7000 SoC, ID - Incorrect PS Family IDCODE Value


The 7-bit family IDCODE value that software can read in the PS slcr.IDCODE[27:21] register bits is incorrect. The register value reads 0x1D instead of the correct value of 0x1B.


ImpactMinor. The mismatch may cause confusion in some tools and by users.
Work-aroundNone. The user needs to be aware of the different IDs.
Configurations AffectedAll systems using the 7-bit family IDCODE.
Device Revision(s) Affected:Refer to (Xilinx Answer 47916) - Zynq-7000 Design Advisory Master Answer Record

The Zynq-7000 SoC Technical Reference Manual specifies the intended value of 0x1B.
  • The Family ID code read using the PL JTAG interface = 0x1B.
  • The Family ID code read from the PS SLCR.PSS_IDCODE[27:21] register bits = 0x1D.
AR# 47317
Date 05/17/2018
Status Active
Type Design Advisory
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