AR# 4732


F1.5,Unistall,Docs: When uninstalling Docs, get 'unable to locate installation log file ...isu...'


Keywords: Documentation, install, uninstall, .isu, log

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After installing F1.5 and the Documentation CD, if you need to remove (uninstall) the F1.5 tools and Docs, after removing the F1.5 tools, you are unable to remove the Documentation via the Microsoft window 'Add/Remove Programs'. When trying to uninstall the docs (after uninstall F1.5), an error is created:

Unable to locate the installation log file 'D:\fndtn\Uninst.isu'. Uninstallation will not continue.


When uninstalling F1.5, the Documentation is also removed, therefore the uninstaller for the Xilinx Documentation is redundant (It can be ignored).
AR# 4732
Date 08/23/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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