AR# 47342


Design Advisory for Virtex-7 GTH Serial Transceiver Package Diagram corrections


Some of the pin numbers need to be corrected on the GTH package diagrams in version 1.4 of UG476. With these corrections, UG476 will match the package files that have always been correct.


For the 7vx690tffg1926 from page 352 on bank 215, pin MGTHRXN3_215 should be U40.

For the 7vx690tffg1930 from page 370, MGTAVTTRCAL_115 should be pin AK7, and on page 371, MGTREFCLK1N_114 should be AV7.

For 7vx690tffg1761 from page 350, the text highlighted in blue is corrected.

And for 7vx690tffg1157 from page 339, the text highlighted in blue is corrected.

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42944 Design Advisory Master Answer Record for Virtex-7 FPGA N/A N/A
AR# 47342
Date 05/20/2012
Status Active
Type Design Advisory
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