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PlanAhead - "ERROR: [Common-69] Command failed: IP import failed because of an environment setup problem..."


If I create a PlanAhead tool project in a directory containing Simplified Chinese (or other unicode) characters, when I import any IP (e.g., Add source -> IP -> any .xco file) the following error occurs:

Unable to create project: ERROR: [Common-69] Command failed: IP import failed because of an environment setup problem. Please ensure that $XILINX points to a compatible version of the ISE software.


The PlanAhead and Vivado IDE tools support Unicode characters in the project path, however, Project Navigator and ISE design tools only support alpha-numeric ASCII characters and a small subset of notation characters such as the underscore. As such, any IP that relies on the CORE Generator (Non-native IP with a ".xco" extension) tool cannot be generated in or added to a PlanAhead or Vivado tool project if Unicode characters are in the path to the IP.

As an alternative, users can add the ".xci" version of the IP Core, if it is available.

Note: No new IP are being developed as non-native IP. This issue will become obsolete over time, but you should avoid paths with Unicode characters when adding legacy IP cores or importing legacy designs from the ISE tool.

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AR# 47380
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