AR# 47390


14.1 ChipScope IBERT - 7 Series GTH IBERT core bitstream uses generic bitstream name


This answer record discusses a possible issue with the 7 series GTH IBERT core bitstream naming scheme.


When using the 7 series GTH IBERT core, the output .bit file is given a generic naming scheme (e.g., example_7sgth_ibert.bit). This can cause an issue if you attempt to generate two designs with different names. If you generate one design with the name "ibert_bank_113", and another design with the name "ibert_bank_114_115", they both will have the same named .bit file and one design will overwrite the other .bit file.

To ensure that the .bit file does not get replaced, re-name the .bit file after its creation.

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AR# 47390
Date 01/21/2013
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