AR# 47394


Vivado 2012.1/ PlanAhead 14.1 - View Instantiation template of XPS submodule terminates with an error message


When trying to view the instantiation template in Vivado 2012.1 or ISE 14.1 design suites, an error message similar to the one shown below is displayed in the console:

make_wrapper -files [get_files /proj/xhd_edk_tools/users/vaibhav/systems/vivado/finaltry/vivado/vivado.srcs/sources_1/edk/module_1/module_1.xmp] -fileset [get_filesets sources_1] -inst_template
[Edk 34] Instantiation template generation failed!

How can I work around this?
AR# 47394
Date 05/07/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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