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14.1 PlanAhead - hdi Tcl commands are not available in the 14.1 PlanAhead design tool


I have a Tcl script that uses Tcl commands from the hdi namespace. The script worked correctly in previous versions of the PlanAhead tool, buti n the 14.1 PlanAhead design tool, a message similar to the following indicates that the command is not found:

"%hdi::project new -name test_proj -dir c:\test

invalid command name "hdi::project""

Are the hdi commands still available?

Is there a list of equivalent commands?


The hdi commands have been removed from the available PlanAhead tool Tcl commands.

Xilinx recommends that you convert existing hdi commands to currently supported commands.

You can use the existing hdi commands by first sourcing the file <installdir>/planAhead/scripts/obsoleted.tcl.

Once this Tcl file is sourced, the hdi command will be available for use and upon execution, the replacement command will be written to the Tcl console or the project journal (.jou) file. You can use the commands listed in the journal file to easily update existing scripts with suggested replacement commands

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