AR# 47492


7 Series GTH/GTP - BUFFER BYPASS Default Attribute


GTH/GTP TX and RX buffer bypass attributes shown below should be used.


Designs using TX and/or RX buffer bypass need to have these attributes updated for simulation as well as hardware.

TXPH_CFG 16'h0780
TXPHDLY_CFG 24'h084020
TXDLY_CFG 16'h001F
TXDLY_TAP_CFG 16'h0000
RXPH_CFG 24'hC00002
RXPHDLY_CFG 24'h084020
RXDLY_CFG 16'h001F
RXDLY_TAP_CFG 16'h0000

These attributes are updated for the GTP transceiver in version 2.3 of the transceiver wizard. For GTH all the attributes except RXPH_CFG are updated in version 2.2 of the transceiverwizard. For GTHtransceiversRXPH_CFG will be updated in version 2.4 of the wizard.

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AR# 47492
Date 03/06/2013
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