AR# 47595


Zynq-7000 SoC, Boot - Quad-SPI Boot, Image search for dual SS, 8-bit Parallel I/O is performed in 64 KB steps, search range limited to 16 MBs


During Quad-SPI Boot using the dual SS, 8-bit parallel wiring connection, the image search will occur in 64 KB steps instead of 32 KB steps.
The search range is limited to 16 MBs instead of 32 MBs (for NOR and dual SS, 8-bit parallel Quad-SPI).


Impact: Minor.

Work-around: Align boot images to 64kB boundaries.

Configurations Affected: Systems that utilize QSPI dual x4 boot.

Device Revision(s) Affected: Refer to the Zynq-7000 SoC Design Advisory Master Answer Record (Xilinx Answer 47916).

Summary of All Flash Memory Boot Devices

Search RangeSearch Boundary
7z020 GES
7z045 GES
7z020 GES
7z045 GES
Quad-SPI (1/2/4-bit single device, 4-bit stacked dual)16 MBs16 MBs32 KB32 KB
Quad-SPI (8-bit parallel dual device)32 MBs64 KB32 KB
NAND128 MBs128 MBs32 KB32 KB
NOR16 MBs32 MBs32 KB32 KB

Linked Answer Records

Master Answer Records

Answer Number Answer Title Version Found Version Resolved
52538 Zynq-7000 SoC - Boot and Configuration N/A N/A
AR# 47595
Date 06/13/2018
Status Active
Type Design Advisory
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