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AXI Bridge for PCI Express - Converting the BSB Endpoint into a Root Complex


An endpoint bridge is created when including the PCI Express Bridge in Base System Builder.This answer record helps walk a user through the steps to converting the endpoint bridge into a root port bridge.


Follow these steps to convert the endpoint bridge into a root port bridge:

  1. Ensure the C_INCLUDE_RC parameter is set. In the GUI, this is located in the USER tab under the Common Parameter Setting with the following text, "Select to Configure the Bridge as a Root Complex."
  2. Ensure the ECAM addressable memory space is between 1MB and 128MB.The size chosen will determine the amount of Bus Numbers implemented in the ECAM addressing.Follow the table below to correspond the size of the memory space and the number of Bus Numbers allowed.
  3. This is not necessary, however, it is common for the Root Complex to dynamically change the base address of the C_AXIBAR2PCIEBAR_# parameter. To do this, make sure to set the C_INCLUDE_BAROFFSET_REG parameter. In the GUI this, is located in the same place as C_INCLUDE_RC with the following text, "Enable the Registers for High-Order Address Translation on the Slave Bridge."
Size of ECAM
Bus Number Width
1 MB
2 MB
4 MB
8 MB
16 MB
32 MB
64 MB
128 MB

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