AR# 47679


14.1 ChipScope Pro ILA - The ILA example design will not pass implementation on an XC7Z045 device


This answer record discusses a known issue in 14.1 with the ChipScope ILA core in ISE tools when targeting a Zynq XCZ045 device.


If you are targeting a XCZ045 Zynq device in 14.1 and using the example design created with the ChipScope ILA core, implementation can fail due to an invalid LOC location for the clock. This is a known issue in 14.1 and is scheduled to be fixed in 14.2.

To work around this issue, edit the UCF file included with the ChipScope ILA example design and change the clk LOC constraint to a valid pin location on the device.

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AR# 47679
Date 07/17/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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