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2012 Vivado - User Interface (GUI) and Project Management Known Issues


This answer record contains a list of Vivado Design Suite user interface and project management known issues.


Outstanding Vivado Project Management Known Issues in Vivado Design Suite 2012.3
(Xilinx Answer 51689) - Starting Vivado on a processor that does not support sse2, fails with line 95: 3012 Illegal instruction "$RDI_PROG" "$@"
(Xilinx Answer 52865) - Some control characters are added when the time is reported on Windows 32bits
(Xilinx Answer 52945) - An extremely long error message in Messages Window slows GUI down until message is hidden
(Xilinx Answer 52948) - Pressing 'Run Synthesis' on Synthesis is Out-of-date dialog does not run synthesis
(Xilinx Answer 52911) - Simple search/replace in text editor is slow
(Xilinx Answer 52951) - Vivado GUI forces an absolute path when adding a Tcl file to the tcl.pre and settings
(Xilinx Answer 52986) - When transforming or funneling from a Virtex-6 IODELAYE1 primitive to Kintex-7 IDELAYE2 primitive, the value of IDELAY_TYPE is being dropped

Vivado Project Management Issues Resolved in Vivado Design Suite 2012.3

(Xilinx Answer 50800) - INIT attribute viewed in the Vivado Integrated Design Environment are displayed in Verilog format regardless of project settings
(Xilinx Answer 51039) - Vivado source file status checks may use a significant percentage of a CPU for large projects with many sources (or subprojects like EDK projects with many source files)
(Xilinx Answer 51491) - Specifying nets as "Data Only" in Debug window causes Abnormal program termination; "An unexpected error has occurred"
(Xilinx Answer 51997) - Adding a Debug core to a Vivado design results in "ERROR: [Common 17-143] Path length exceeds 260-Byte maximum allowed by Windows"
(Xilinx Answer 52981) - When wcfg file is saved in a directory with space in it, simulation fails with "too many positional options" error
(Xilinx Answer 52982) - Zoom fit toolbar button does not work in Simulation window
(Xilinx Answer 52997) - Design fails to load in Vivado after changing synthesis directory name
(Xilinx Answer 52979) - XPS integration does not work if there is a space in the .xpr path
AR# 47751
Date 11/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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