AR# 47794


13.x EDK, XPS_LL_TEMAC v2.03.a - Ethernet AVB does not work for TEMAC1 in dual TEMAC implementations


If the Ethernet AVB endpoint feature is enabled for TEMAC1 in a dual TEMAC implementation, it has been observed that this functionality does not work.


If you are targeting a Virtex-6 device, consider moving to AXI architecture and use AXI Ethernet.

If you are targeting an older architecture or moving to AXI is not an option, then there are two ways to work around this issue:
  • use two different instances of XPS_LL_TEMAC and enable the Ethernet AVB end point feature for TEMAC0 in both instances, OR
  • generate the Ethernet MAC core using Coregen along with the Ethernet AVB end point and port it to EDK.
AR# 47794
Date 05/09/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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