AR# 47813


13.4 Pack - Possible reason for Pack 1107 error in ISE


I am Receiving a Pack Error similar to the following:

[Pack 1107] Pack was unable to combine the symbols listed below into a single IOB33 component because the site type selected is not compatible.

Further explanation: The component type is determined by the types of logic and the properties and configuration of the logic it contains. In this case an IO component of type IOB33 was chosen because the IO contains symbols and/or properties consistent with single ended I/O usage and a IOSTANDARD=LVDS_25 property. Please double check that the types of logic elements and all of their relevant properties and configuration options are compatible with the physical site type of the constraint.

Symbols involved:
SlaveBuffer symbol "m_clkddr_diff/SLAVEBUF.DIFFIN" (Output Signal = m_clkddr_diff/SLAVEBUF.DIFFIN)
PAD symbol "m_clkddr_sysn" (Pad Signal = m_clkddr_sysn)
Component type involved: IOB33
Site Location involved: AD11
Site Type involved: IOB18S


This can occur for a number of reasons, but a frequent cause is that the bank where the I/O pads are located supports LVDS_25.

AR# 47813
Date 01/08/2016
Status Active
Type Error Message
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