AR# 47905


13.x/14.1 - In Virtex-6 devices, Post CRC fails when GTH DRP is accessed


There is an issue with masking of DRP spaces for Virtex-6 devices with GTH transceivers. If the DRP is used to change attributes on a GTH, you might see a Readback CRC error flagged spuriously.


This is not a real error. The issue occurs because the DRP space is not masked correctly in the bit file; therefore, any change results in the Readback signature changing and flags the error.

This issue has been resolved in ISE Design Suite 14.2. If you are not using the GTH DRP, then you will not experience any problems. If you require further assistance with this issue, please contact Xilinx Technical Support:

AR# 47905
Date 06/13/2013
Status Archive
Type General Article
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