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AXI Bus Functional Model v2.1 and earlier - How do I perform an AXI Bus Functional Model (BFM) Example Simulation using ModelSim PE in Windows?


I am using ModelSim PE 32-bit in Windows. 

When I simulate the AXI BFM core using the generated script from coregen, I receive the following errors:


# Loading
# ** Error: (vsim-3193) Load of "" failed: File not found.


How do I simulate the AXI BFM with ModelSim PE in Windows?


The script provided with the AXI BFM is designed to be run in the Linux environment, and as such has references to the PLU library specific to that operating system. 

In order to run in Windows, the library reference must be changed to the windows equivalent.


To do this, modify the script for windows PE as follows:


vlog -work ./work ../cdn_axi3_example_tb.v ../cdn_axi3_example_test.v +incdir+../
vsim -novopt -pli -onfinish final -L secureip work.test

must be changed to :

vlog -work ./work ../cdn_axi3_example_tb.v ../cdn_axi3_example_test.v +incdir+../
vsim -pli libxil_vsim.dll -onfinish final -L secureip work.test


The novopt is removed, and is changed to libxil_vsim.dll.


For Windows based SE, the script modification does not require the novopt removal, but still needs the libxil_vsim.dll reference instead of

AR# 47967
Date 03/23/2015
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