AR# 4814


F1.5: SC caused a general protection fault in module conv_acs.all when importing Synplicity EDIF files


Keywords: f1.5, foundation, schematic, edf, edif, synplify,
synplicity, symbol, macro, generate, busdelimiter, conv_acs.all, illegal operation,
general protection fault, unexpanded error,

Urgency: Normal

General Description:

In F1.5 Schematic Capture, when a macro symbol is created
from EDIF netlist from Synplify 5.0.6 or older, incorrect
symbol parameters get written into the macro symbol:


When trying to export the netlist for M1 implementation,
illegal operation error occurs:

SC caused a general protection fault in module conv_acs.all

exp_EDIF.log file may write the following:

Double defined property '$BUSDELIMITER' for port 'IA'
Symbol 'EQN' not found in project libraries



Generate XNF from Synplify instead of EDF.


The problem is because Synplify 5.0.6 or older is generating
a hierarchial EDIF as default, and Foundation's macro symbol
generator does not like it. As a workaround, make Synplify
tool to create a flattened EDIF by adding the following line
in the Synplify constraint file:

define_global_attribute syn_netlist_hierarchy 0

Note that Synplify 5.0.7 will write the flattened EDIF as
a default.
AR# 4814
Date 03/06/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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