AR# 4824


Foundation F1.5: Automation Caused an Exception; Exit Code 80010105


Keywords: automation, error, exception, code, 80010105

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When running the Foundation F1.5 software, you may see the following error when
attempting to implement the design or select implementation options:

Automation Caused an Exception; exit code 80010105



This error has been seen to occur on machines running Novell network
software. Xilinx does not support nor test our software under Novell, and
therefore cannot accurately predict the operation of the tools under this
environment. The best solution is to run the software on a machine
which does not have Novell software running on it.


This error has been seen on machines which do not meet the minimum
memory requirements of the Foundation software. Xilinx requires you to
have 48MB RAM and 48MB of swap space at a minimum. Large devices
will require more memory than the minimum requirements. Please refer
to the Foundation Series 1.5 Install and Release Document for more
details on memory requirements.
AR# 4824
Date 06/10/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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