AR# 4845


M1.5/M1.5i Map FATAL_ERROR:x4kma:x4kmacarry.c:3129:1.142 - never found an empty G pin


Keywords: map, m1.5, fatal, error, x4kma, x4kmacarry,
empty, G pin, swapFandGPins

Urgency: Normal

General Description:

In M1.5/M1.5i Map, the following fatal error may occur:

FATAL_ERROR:x4kma:x4kmacarry.c:3129:1.142 - Never found an
empty G pin in swapFandGPins(). Process will terminate.
Please call Xilinx support.



This problem was fixed in version 1.5i.


A fix for this problem is included in the 1.5i Service Pack 1. For details
on this Service Pack see
AR# 4845
Date 04/03/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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