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F1.5, Active-VHDL3.2, synopsys: How to add packages to the Active-VHDL precompiled libraries.


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General Description:
How can a package be added to the precompiled libraries included with Active-VHDL?

The Synopsys attributes library package may be used when synthesizing a design
from F1.5 with the Synopsys Express compiler. For example:

library synopsys;
use synopsys.attributes.all

However, when this HDL file is compiled in the Active-VHDL behavioral simulator,
the following error is produced:

ELBREAD: Elaboration process.
ELBREAD: Error: Package not found: attributes (library: synopsys)
ELBREAD: Error: Elaboration process completed with errors.
Design: Error: Elaboration failed


Active-VHDL comes with a large number of pre-compilied libraries. If there is a need to add a package to a pre-existing library, follow the steps below:

Select the 'Library Manager' tab. If this tab is not available w/in the open windows, select it from:
View -> Library Manager

Select the desired library and right mouse click. Select 'Read/Write' to allow the library to be modified.

Add the desired package/file (.vhd file) to your project source files (under the Design Browser - Files window; right mouse click and select 'Add Files to Design').

Select the package/file (click once on it) and right mouse click. Select 'Properties...'.
Now select the 'Compile' tab and select the library you want the package/file added to. Select 'OK'.

Finally, select the package/file (single click - as before) and right mouse click. Select 'Compile'.

The package/file will be added to the library. You can verify this by checking the contents of the library.
You can remove the package/file from your source files now. It will not affect your libraries.

For the synopsys.attributes package:
It can be found in $XILINX\Synth\lib\packages\synopsys\src\attributes.vhd
AR# 4859
Date 03/07/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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