AR# 4954


Map 1.5 - Fatal_error:xvkma:xvkmaslice.c:2620:1.78 - mergefsumxor: destination slice


Keywords: error, xvkma, xvkmaslice, XOR2, mergefsumxor

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Get the following error in map, after 'Merging....", while targetting Virtex in 1.5:
FATAL_ERROR:xvkma:xvkmaslice.c:2620:1.78 - mergefsumxor:
destination slice core/u_parity32_modgen_774_ix76 is not a
XOR2! Process will terminate.
Please call Xilinx support.


This issue is fixed in the version 1.5i, the Performance Pack.
AR# 4954
Date 10/05/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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