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AR# 4982

MTI, M1.5: ERROR: time_sim.vhd(612): Type error in bit string literal. Type string is not an array of bit.


Keywords: MTI, Modelsim, Model Technology, Type, string, bit,
literal, X_RAM16, X_RAM32, X_RAMS!^, X_RAMS32, X_RAMD16,

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

While compiling the timing simulation netlist produced by version
1.5 (or later) of the Xilinx software, the following error may occur:

ERROR: time_sim.vhd(###): Type error in bit string literal. Type
string is not an array of bit.


This error message is generally caused by simulating a 1.5 (or
later) simulation netlist with the Xilinx 1.4 (or earlier) libraries.
There was a change in the way RAM is initialized moving from the
1.4 to the 1.5 software release. Due to this change, the libraries
must be recompiled using the 1.5 version of the libraries to
simulate a 1.5 version of the timing netlist.

See (Xilinx Solution 1923) for details on re-compiling the Xilinx
libraries for the Model Technology Modelsim simulator.
AR# 4982
Date 10/05/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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