AR# 5019


Foundation F1.5 State Editor: Incorrect ABEL code generation when you have two state machines (L109/C15)


KEY WORDS : fsm, foundation, abel, state machines, state editor, L109/C15

URGENCY : Standard

General Description :
When generating abel code for 2 state machines from the State Editor, the clk definition of the second state machine is placed incorrectly resulting in the
following error during synthesis.

Error L109/C15 : Syntax Error 1028: EQUATIONS, STATE_DIAGRAM, TRUTH_TABLE or END expected.



Place " Equation" command before the second state machine's clock definition.


Move the second state machine's clock definition so that it be excuted just after the first state machine's clock definition.
AR# 5019
Date 03/07/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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